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  • With resilience as good as natural rubber, SBR Rubber Sheet can be used as an affordable replacement in HVAC and construction industry since it is versatile, flexible and tough.

  • The NBR rubber sheet is applicable in a wide range of industries. With an average elongation of 300% and an average tensile strength of 1,000PSI (7Mpa), the NBR sheet can accommodate even tough industrial environments and moderate heavy alkaline and chemical resistive situations.

  • EPDM rubber sheet (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a non-oil resistant material, but it has very good chemical resistance and is resistant to damage from weather or UV-rays.

  • Fluorine rubber sheet,also called viton rubber sheet is the most commonly used material for making O-rings, O-ring cord stocks and other sealant devices for automobiles,fluid power devices, industrial appliances and chemical plants. Thisviton rubber plate also works well for pressure seals, caustic containers,and high temperature gaskets.

  • The versatile and flexible silicone rubber sheet works in a wide range of applications in the industrial, residential and medical fields. With an average elongation of 400% and an average tensile strength of 900PSI (6Mpa), our silicone rubber sheeting can withstand most tough medical or gasket environments as well as heavy alkaline situations. These silicone rubber sheets are ideal for highly hygienic situations.

  • Neoprene rubber sheet is used to make electrical wires and cables, adhesives, bridge supports, flame retardant conveyor belts and ventilating ducts, auto parts, and corrosion resistant lining, etc. It is also applicable for power plants,wastewater treatment factories, chemical plants and other places requiring materials that are resistant to corrosion,high temperatures and poor weather.

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